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Agenda for MPC meeting on 15.03.22


9th March 2022

Parish Council Members are summoned to a meeting of Mountfield Parish Council to be held on 15th March 2022 at 7.30pm in Mountfield Village Hall.
Members of the press and public are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Irene Marchant – Parish Clerk/RFO
St. Giles, Woods Corner, Dallington, East Sussex TN21 9LA
01424 838414/0771122 4150 –

1. Disclosure of interests

To receive any disclosures by Members of personal interests in matters on the agenda, the nature of any such interest and whether the Member regards the interest as a disclosable pecuniary interest under the terms of the Code of Conduct.

2. Election of Vice-Chair

To elect a Vice-Chair, to be available when the Chair cannot be present.

3. Dispensations

4. Apologies for absence

5. Accuracy of the minutes of the previous meeting(s)

6. Open Forum

6.1 County Council report (ESCC) – Councillor K. Field

6.2 District Council report (RDC) – Councillor E. Kirby-Green

6.3 Public Question Time – to receive any concerns or questions from members of the public.

7. Resilience/Crisis Plan for Mountfield

To discuss and implement a resilience/crisis plan for Mountfield, particularly in view of the effect on Mountfield due to Storm Eunice – Councillor Randle to lead.

8. Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

To implement this voucher scheme for ALL residents of Mountfield, should they wish to apply. Councillor Randle and the Clerk will take this forward.

9. Welcome Packs

To agree the total layout/content as designed by Councillor Miles and implement production.

10. MPC Environmental Policy

Councillor Miles (who will not be present) is leading on this – so this item may have to be deferred until the May meeting.

11. The Queen’s 70th Jubilee

To finalise the actions necessary to celebrate this jubilee:

  • A memorial bench and/or flagpole.
  • An event (Bit of a Do) to be held in the Village Hall, KGF or the Bonfire Field.
  • Any other ideas will be very welcome.

12. Planning

12.1 Planning applications for consideration

RR/2022/111/P – Keepers Cottage, Mountfield Lane

Two-storey extension to rear, demolition of existing porch, internal alterations.

Click on this link to see full details on the RDC planning website

RR/2022/112/L – Keepers Cottage, Mountfield Lane

Listed building consent for above application.

Click on this link to see full details on the RDC planning website

RR/2022/216/P – The Banks, Greenhouse, Mountfield Lane

Demolition of existing greenhouse building and erection of replica building to be used for holiday accommodation.

Click on this link to see full details on the RDC planning website

RR/2022/217/L – The Banks, Greenhouse, Mountfield Lane

Listed building consent for above application.

Click on this link to see full details on the RDC planning website

12.2 Other planning matters for discussion

  • There are serious concerns about the earthworks at the property known as Serenity.
  • Any other planning matters for discussion.

13. Enforcement

  • There was one Mountfield property on a recent RDC enforcement list. RDC state that the current status is “No breach of planning control.” However, the owners have been advised by RDC Enforcement that the building cannot be used as it is at present and RDC enforcement will check again later in the year to check compliance.
  • Any other enforcement matters for discussion.

14. Highways/Rights of Way

To discuss any Highways/ROI matters.

15. Finance

15.1 Bank balances at 28.02.22

  • MPC deposit account - £18,825.89
  • MPC current account - £3,113.55
  • KGF current account - £4,027.91

15.2 Payments for approval

  • * Godaddy website backup - £43.06
  • * Mastercard fee - £3.00
  • Clerk, salary/home office (Feb/March 2022) - £910.80
  • S. Sutton, village/playground grass cutting/playground hedge cutting - £726.00
  • * Paid already

15.3 Approval of budget monitor and bank reconciliation at 28.02.22

15.4 UT mandate signing for Councillor Randle’s authorisation for internet banking

16. Dates of next meetings

  • 12.04.22 – Planning meeting (provisional, will only be held if required) start 7.00pm
  • 10.05.22 – Full council meeting (annual council meeting) starts 7.30pm
  • Both to be held in Mountfield Village Hall