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Draft Minutes of the MPC meeting on 12.07.22


HELD ON 12th JULY 2022

Present: Councillors P. Miles (Chair), M. Hardy, N. Randle, J. Ray, S. Taylor, N. Whines

Mrs. I. Marchant (Parish Clerk/RFO

Members of the public

1. Election of Chair

RESOLVED – to elect Councillor Miles as Chair for this meeting only, as the elected Chair has sent apologies. Councillor Taylor proposed and Councillor Hardy seconded, the voting was unanimous.

2 Disclosure of interests

Councillor Hardy declared a personal pecuniary interest in item 11.1 on the agenda (planning application RR/867/CM, as he is an employee of British Gypsum. Councillor Taylor also declared a personal pecuniary interest in the above item on the agenda, as her husband is an employee of British Gypsum. They will not take part in the voting.

3. Dispensations

None requested.

4. Apologies for absence

Councillor Rickman-Smith sent apologies.

5. Accuracy of the minutes of the previous meeting(s)

RESOLVED – that the draft minutes of the meeting held on 10.05.22 be confirmed as being an accurate record of the proceedings. Councillor Hardy proposed and Councillor Ray seconded, the voting was unanimous.

6. Open Forum

6.1 County Council report (ESCC) – Councillor Field sent apologies.

6.2 District Council report (RDC) – Councillor Kirby-Green sent apologies.

6.3 There were no questions or concerns from members of the public.

7. KGF Management

The management of the KGF is working very well. Day-to-day management is carried out with Mountfield Cricket Club and very many thanks to Tom Tidmarsh for all his work. We have some additional cricket users and, as always, the ground is kept in a pristine condition.

The recent survey by Rother and Hastings DCs is to collate information on all sports facilities in their area.

8. The Queen’s 70th Jubilee

8.1 The Jubilee Cricket Match – this will be held on Sunday 07.08.22 and start at 1.30pm. MPC will provide wine, beer and soft drinks. It is intended to be a fun day and there will have the opportunity for youngsters to play soft cricket at the end of the match. All details have been published on the MPC website – – and in the Messenger.

8.2 The arrangements for the Jubilee bench to be installed (outside the Village Hall) have been made and Councillor Miles will be in attendance.

9. Matters outstanding

9.1 Mountfield Resilience Plan – Councillor Randle has made a preliminary report, “Let’s move to a resilient community,” and will continue working on this.

9.2 Gigabit Broadband – very little progress has been made due to OpenReach’s lack of response, Councillor Randle will continue to pursue and will also contact AiRS.

9.3 Welcome packs – this item to be carried forward to the next agenda (Councillor Miles).

9.4 Environmental Policy – this is being worked upon and MPC must identify “things they can actually do.” (Councillor Miles)

9.5 Telephone box – Councillor Randle will strip the box out in preparation for the next steps (cleaning and shelving).

10. Consultations

AGREED – that MPC will not respond to the consultation “Transport for the South East.”

11. Planning

11.1 Planning application for consideration

RR/867/CM – British Gypsum, Mountfield

Variation of conditions 1 and 2 (re: importation of high-grade gypsum) of planning permission RR/756/CM.

AGREED – to support this application.

11.2 No other planning matters for discussion.

12. Enforcement

12.1 There has been one Mountfield item on RDC’s recent enforcement list. Millham, conversion of part of property to a self-contained annexe. A planning application has been requested by RDC Enforcement.

12.2 No other enforcement matters for discussion.

13. Highways/Rights of Way

Many footpaths are very overgrown, and people report difficulties in using the ESCC Rights of Way website. Any overgrown footpath should be reported to the Clerk, with full details of location, and she will notify the ESCC RoW team.

14. East Sussex Police request

AGREED – MPC will not respond to this request for priorities.

15. Finance

15.1 Bank balances at 30.06.22

. MPC deposit account - £17,403.87

. MPC current account - £3,140.22

. KGF current account - £4,183.46

15.2 RESOLVED – to approve the following payments. Councillor Hardy proposed and Councillor Taylor seconded, the voting was unanimous.

. Clerk, salary/HO, expenses (Jun/Jul 2022) - £920.79

. * Impact Trophies (Jubilee Cup) - £300.00

. * MVH room hire (2022-23) - £175.00

. * Mastercard fee - £3.00

. * Teak Garden (Jubilee Bench) - £1,991.40

. * UT Service charge - £18.00

* Already paid.

15.3 RESOLVED – to approve the first quarter accounts at 30.06.22 as presented by the Clerk. Councillor Whines proposed and Councillor Taylor seconded, the voting was unanimous.

16. Dates of next meetings

09.08.22 – planning meeting (provisional)

13.09.22 – full council meeting