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MPC minutes annual 10.05.22


Present: Councillors S. Rickman-Smith (Chair), P. Miles, J. Ray, S. Taylor, N. Whines

Mrs. I. Marchant (Parish Clerk/RFO)

County Councillor K. Field

District Councillor E. Kirby-Green

1. Election of Chair for 2022-23

RESOLVED – that Councillor Rickman-Smith be elected Chair for the council year 2022-23. Councillor Whines proposed and Councillor Ray seconded, the voting was unanimous. The Chair signed the Declaration of Office, countersigned by the Clerk as Proper Officer.

2. Election of Vice-Chair for 2022-23

AGREED – that there is no need for an elected Vice-Chair as any MPC Member can function as Chair in the elected Chair’s absence.

3. Disclosure of Interests

None declared.

4. Dispensations

None requested.

5. Apologies for absence

Councillors Hardy and Randle sent apologies.

6. Accuracy of the minutes of the previous meeting(s)

RESOLVED – that the draft minutes of the meeting held on 15.03.22 be confirmed as being an accurate record of the proceedings. Councillor Whines proposed and Councillor Ray seconded, the voting was unanimous. The Chairman signed the minutes.

7. Open Forum

7.1 County Council report (ESCC) – Councillor K. Field

  • The successful bid for funding for improving bus services from Central Government is £41M.

7.2 District Council report (RDC) – Councillor E. Kirby-Green

  • A lead has been appointed for Climate Change/Green projects.
  • There has been a meeting between the Northern Parishes Group and Huw Merriman about enforcement, planning and selling housing stock.
  • There will be a £150.00 rebate for council tax. RDC are currently actioning this and details will go on the MPC website –

8. Approval of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2021-22 (AGAR)

RESOLVED – to approve items 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4, Councillor Whines proposed, and Councillor Miles seconded, the voting was unanimous.

8.1 The Certificate of Exemption 2021-22.

8.2 The Annual Governance Statement 2021-22 (Section 1).

8.3 The Accounting Statements 2021-22 (Section 2).

8.4 The Explanation of Variances and Bank Reconciliation at 31.03.22.

8.5 The Members and Clerk thanked Mr. Harding for his constructive and positive manner in which he conducted the MPC internal audit 2021-22 and wish to appoint him as MPC’s internal auditor for 2022-23.

9. Re-adoption/amendments to MPC’s council documents

RESOLVED – to re-adopt MPC’s council documents for 2022-23. The Chair proposed and Councillor Miles seconded, the voting was unanimous.

10. MPC appointments to outside bodies

AGREED – that Councillor Miles will be the MPC representative to the Rother Association of Local Councils (RALC).

11. Email responses

AGREED - it was agreed that on the rare occasions that the Clerk’s delegated authority is needed for an MPC comment on planning applications that all Members must respond.

12. Matters outstanding from previous meetings

12.1 Resilience/Crisis Plan for Mountfield (Councillor Randle)

12.2 Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme (Councillor Randle)

12.3 Welcome packs (Councillor Miles)

12.4 MPC Environmental Policy (Councillor Miles)

AGREED – that the above items will be carried forward to the next agenda.

13. The Queen’s 70th Jubilee

AGREED – that MPC will purchase an oak bench (hopefully to be sited on the front lawn of the Village Hall) and a jubilee cup to be presented to the winners of the annual Mountfield Cricket Club vs the Mountfield Community cricket match.

14. Planning

14.1 Planning application(s) for consideration

RR/2022/216/P The Banks, Greenhouse, Mountfield Lane (amended application)

Demolition of existing greenhouse building and erection of replica building to be used for holiday accommodation.

AGREED – to object to this amended application as MPC’s original comment still stands – the building is totally out of character with the surrounding area.

RR/2022/217/L The Banks, Greenhouse, Mountfield Lane

Listed building consent for above application.

14.2 Other planning matters for discussion

RR/2021/1907/P John’s Cross Café, land at John’s Cross Road, the applicant has appealed again the decision of RDC to refuse planning permission.

15. Enforcement

15.1 No Mountfield items on RDC’s weekly enforcement list.

15.2 No other enforcement matters for discussion.

16. Highways/Rights of Way

The A2100 pavement from Solomon’s Lane to John’s Cross is very overgrown with foliage and the pavement has become dangerously narrow. The Clerk will report this to ESCC Highways.

17. Finance

17.1 Bank balances at 30.04.22

  • MPC deposit account - £22,386.25
  • MPC current account - £3,932.37
  • KGF current account - £3,947.91

17.2 RESOLVED – to approve the following payments. Councillor Whines proposed and Councillor Taylor seconded, the voting was unanimous.

  • Clerk, salary/HO/expenses (Apr/May 2022) - £940.41
  • Adobe DC subscription - £181.10
  • UserWay subscription - £339.28
  • Mastercard fee - £3.00

17.3 RESOLVED -to approve the budget monitor and bank reconciliation at 30.04.22. Councillor Whines proposed and Councillor Taylor seconded, the voting was unanimous.

18. Dates of next meetings

14.06.22 – planning meeting (provisional, will only be held if required)

12.07.22 – Full council meeting