MPC Planning Register 2018-19

RR/2018/3041/PBartrum Gables, Hoath Hill - demolition of existing conservatory, extension to side incorporating extant consent RR/2007/2897/P and glazed canopy across rear of property04.01.18Support
RR/2018/2273/PRosaville, Vinehall Road - replace double garage with larger double garage30.10.18SupportApproved
RR/2018/2212/P6 Mountfield Villas - proposed two storey side, single storey rear extension and internal alterations02.01.18ObjectApproved
RR/2018/2220/P14 Hoath Hill - proposed rear dormer windowObjectRefused
RR/2018/1866/PWoodland Cottage, Mountfield Lane - installation of swimming pool04.09.18SupportApproved
RR/2018/1714/POakwood Farm, Poppinghole Lane
Permanent siting of caravan for seasonal/temporary staff employed in agriculture, extension of time requsted
RR/2018/1718/FNOakwood Farm, Poppinghole Lane - prior notificatioin for a barn for storage of machinery relating to vegetables, including area for packing24.07.18SupportFN notification
RR/2018/1717/FNOakwood Farm, Poppinghole Lane - prior notification for plastic tunnels 24.07.18SupportFN notification
RR/2018.1597/P14 Hoath Hall - rear dormer window10.07.18SupportRefused
RR/2018/1588/TNOuside John's Cross Inn, installation of fixed line broadband electronic communicationsNo resonse required, Telcomms No response required, TelecomsN/A
RR/2018/1444/P2 Crossing Farm, land at Eatenden Lane - outline, erection of a pair of semi-detatached dwellings26.06.18General comment onlyRefused
RR/2019/704/PAcorn Farm, Mountfield Lane - proposed farmhouse16.04.19