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SE Water – flushing information

South East Water will be carrying out essential maintenance on the water network next week in the Mountfield area to keep tap water running crystal clear.
The process is called flushing and involves directing water through the pipes quickly to draw naturally occurring deposits, such as iron or manganese, out of the network.
These are not harmful, but customers may see temporarily discoloured water.  This can be solved by running the cold water tap until the water runs clear.  Customers may also notice a temporary reduction in water pressure.
To minimise any disruption SE Water usually avoid flushing between 6am and 8am and from 6pm to 10pm, when demand is highest.
SE Water only use th amount of water needed to clean the pipes and flushing stops as soon as the whole system is running clear.
Work begins on Monday 12th November and will last for approximately one week.

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