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The Mountfield Goose House is Launched!

The new Mountfield Goose House was successfully launched and installed today – see pictures below.

We are going to need another landing platform for the geese, Mountfield geese have particularly big feet, and Mountfield Parish Council are on the case with that.

Many thanks to our intrepid launching and installation crew – Susan and Barry O’Sullivan, Dave Craven and Lee Gray we also understand that Donna Gray directed operations from the safety of the bank.  They did not fly a Jolly Roger but have got the bit between their teeth and are now looking at cruise ships and aircraft carriers.

There are plans afoot for tidying up the pond, so any more volunteers will be welcomed with open arms.

Seriously, we could not have done this without them, a real community effort.

Go Mountfield Launching Crew!

Our new goose house
3 Ducks (Geese) in a Row
3 Ducks (Geese) in a row
Putting it all together

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