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Police advice on increasing farm break-ins

Sussex Police have advised us that they starting to see some farms being broken into again.  They have asked all to be alert and take measures to protect property.

  • Take several photographs, from different angles, especially any unique markings.
  • Take notes of your serial and chassis numbers.
  • Fit an immobiliser/tracker.
  • Use clamps, locks and alarms.
  • Keep machinery out of sight and locked away using as many barriers as possible.
  • Keep gates closed, locked and alarmed where able.
  • Mark your property, make it unique and easy to identify.  Serial/chassis numbers are often scratched off, if the Police recover items it can be difficult to return an item if it is generic.
  • If you have had machinery stolen before, try to keep it in a different location, thieves know that you will replace it as you need it for your work, so they will most likely return and they already know the layout of your land.
  • If you have security posters, move them around frequently, people only notice them for around 3 months, moving them shows you are alert to your security.
  • Lighting - thieves don't like lighting as it draws attention.
  • CCTV - ideally cameras that are linked to your phone can alert you to the fact that someone is breaking into your property and you can call the Police immediately.
  • Don't leave your keys in the ignition.
  • Report any suspicious activity to the Police, theives often scope the area beforehand.
  • Making as many barriers as possible increases the time and effort it takes for someone to steal your equipment.

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