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Revised post – agendas for KGF and MPC virtual meetings on 09.03.21

A further planning application came in late this evening for Mountfield, so I have added it to the MPC agenda for 09.03.21.
Click on the links below to see the agendas for the King George's Field (KGF) and MPC virtual meetings to be held on 09.03.21.
The KGF meeting will start at 7.00pm and the MPC meeting will follow on with a break of 5 minutes (at approximately 7.20/7.25pm).
Please contact me on - - if you wish to attend either/both of the meetings and I will send you a link to join.

Click here to see the agenda for the KGF meeting on 09.03.21

Click here to see the agenda for the MPC virtual meeting on 09.03.21


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