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Space Oddities!

Message from the East Sussex Astronomical Society (ESAS)

Weekly Monday evening YouTube Astro show
The Federation of Astronomical Societies (FAS) has let us know about this new YouTube Astro Show.
Space Oddities is a weekly live panel show featuring an international panel of experts and enthusiasts that streams to YouTube at 8pm UK time on Monday evenings.  The panel is made up of people who where regular members on Astro Radio's Reach Out and Touch Space show.
Now that Astro Radio is off air, we have created this new show which covers space and astronomy news, upcoming astronomical events and much more.  Our panel has a diverse range of specialist areas, so if you have a question, you can post it in the live chat during the show.

Click on this link for the YouTube channel

Sounds very interesting, especially with all the excitement created by the fabulous images from the James Webb telescope.





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