Whether you are a resident of the civil parish of Mountfield, a local business or are thinking of visiting one of the most beautiful, unspoilt and sparsely populated areas in East Sussex, we hope you will find something of interest here.
The primary purpose of this website is to provideĀ an information resource for those of us fortunate enough to live or work in Mountfield – more particularly, we seek to encourage residents to engage fully in the life of the parish, to make full use of the community facilities and services available, to support community initiatives and, where possible, to buy locally.

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4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Allegedly New Cut to the Church is closed for BT works soon to be followed by the Church along to Kent Lane, we have had no notifications about this, is this not the type of thing that email alerts are for?..
    can anyone explain what is really happening?

    • Households along the route should have received a flyer a few days before. We did although the map is difficult to interpret. The work is to install fibre – so highly desirable! The chap delivering the flyer said that access to properties will be maintained. Larger vehicles may have trouble getting past the works periodically. I guess some will use the Gypsum road if they need to rather than take the official diversion (Robertsbridge-Brightling)

      • No flyer received in or near the church and the Gypsum road can only be used with prior permission, so no leaflets no signs etc
        As a BT customer I find their care for customers very bad, and the Parish Council seem to be ignoring the problem

  2. We had no flyer ,no prior notice and then came home to find no access to our own home ! Had to help my elderly parents over the open trench to gain access to my home, unbelievable. We will be speaking to Morrisons soon ! Hopefully they will dig out the new SW drain they have buried and reinstate the verge!

    Anyone wishing to complain /contact regarding the closures on Church road the details are : Morrison on behalf of Open reach permit BC005mu1WSEP /001BRF59FE16341

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