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Forestry England are starting coppice work in September in Darwell Wood.  The details, from Forestry England, are below

I am writing to inform you of the coppice work that will be starting in September at Darwell and should run through until December.

Here’s a summary of what we are doing and what we are trying to achieve.

The coppice rotations are based on small coupes (< 2ha) being felled each year, using a ‘little and often’ system designed to create rotational open space which will benefit a number of species of butterfly and other invertebrates across the woodland. Birds which benefit include nightjar in the open stage, and once the natural regeneration matures to thicket stage, it will provide quality habitat for Schedule 41 species such as nightingale, turtle dove, cuckoo and willow warbler.

Brash will be cleared (raked and put into neat dead hedges or chipped and removed from site) to allow light to the forest floor and reduce the nutrient content encouraging the growth of wildflowers amongst the sapling stage natural regeneration.

Veteran trees and standing deadwood identified within the operational area will be retained for their conservation value. The ride management rotation will start to bring connectivity to the woodland which will be particularly beneficial for butterflies.

The areas selected for this year’s work have been prioritised as they are populated with dead or dying Ash as a result of Hymen scyphus Fraxinus (Ash dieback). It is important to remove the trees in the interest of safety as well as ensuring they still remain a marketable crop.

The intention is to stack the timber at roadside in small quantities – 30 m3 or 60m3. This will allow for greater competition in the market, enabling offers from buyers who may only be able to purchase in small quantities. Sales will take place as and when adequate quantities have been put to roadside.

Due to the site being Ancient Semi-Natural Woodland the approach to restocking will be natural regeneration.

In regard to safety. I have informed the Rights of Way team about the work and the footpaths likely to be affected. Warning signs will be at entrances to the site. Site users are asked to follow the safety instructions and to keep well clear of harvesting machinery.

If you would like any more information, please get in touch with

Location Darwell Coppice 2021

Operation Map Darwell Coppice 2021

Many of you have contacted me and MPC Members worried about the British Gypsum tree felling.  It is all in order and done to preserve the woodlands.  Our Tree Warden, Nick Betts, has emailed me giving details - see below:

I walked past this afternoon, been away for a while so missed all the action, BG have thinned the plantation, it’s a recognized forestry management operation. Basically, making space for the better trees to reach maturity whilst removing the weaker trees as a first crop, it looks drastic at first but releases a lot of light to the forest floor which should result in an increase in ground flora for a number of years before the remaining trees mature to final crop. They have also removed a lot of ash suffering from ash dieback.

Kind regards 


We are very sad to announce that John Snuggs died yesterday.  John joined the Parish Council in 2015 and resigned in 2021.  John was well known for his walks around village, almost daily, checking up on things that needed reporting to Highways and RDC.
MPC will be making a donation to a charity of his family's choice in memory of John and his contribution to Mountfield
Our sincere condolences to Susan and the family.

Rother District Council have sent this notice to all residents signed up for their email alerts.

Dear Resident
In common with many other local authority areas across the UK, waste and recycling collections and street cleansing services in Rother are being affected by high levels of staff absence.
As the local Covid infection rate increases, Track and Trace instructions to isolate, combined with a general shortage of HGV drivers, means that collection services could soon be suspended for a period until the situation improves.
Several actions are being taken to maintain services, including early morning and late evening work, so residents are being asked to regularly check their local council website, register for information bulletins and look out for communications in local media regarding their local services.
We are asking residents to refrain from using the local bring sites as reduced staffing levels means they will not be emptied frequently; please use your household recycling collection or take recycling to the Heathfield, Pebsham or Mountfield Waste Recycling Sites.

Click on this link to sign up for email alerts from Rother District Council


Due to the recent complaints about residents/visitors to Mountfield not collecting their dog's waste and disposing of it themselves, Mountfield Parish Council are looking at ways to solve this issue and would like to involve the Mountfield Community and ask for their suggestions.  We are looking at the following:

  • Signage - appropriate signage could be placed around the Village, asking people to "do the right thing."
  • Dog waste bins - the cheapest bin costs around £129.00, the cost for collection and disposal (Rother District Council) is considerable.  I cannot find out the RDC costs at the moment, but have looked at another parish council and their costs are £523.00 + VAT per bin a year!
  • Understandably, residents would not want a dog waste bin placed outside their homes.  So the question would be their location, Mountfield is a large rural parish with dog walkers everywhere.

There is a local by-law with a fixed penalty of £100.00.

We would be very grateful if you would let us have your comments and ideas on how to deal with this environmental issue, which causes so much upset and ask that you contact Irene, the Clerk with your ideas on -

We look forward to hearing from you and will look carefully at your ideas.

Hi, my name is Martha.

I am making contact with you because I am looking for willing people to offer their support.

I am currently on an NCS (National Citizen Service) programme with a group of 16–17-year-olds who create a social action project all about giving back and making a positive impact on our community.

As a group of young people we were inspired by the charity Warming Up The Homeless which is a lovely charity that help people who have nowhere to live. We chose this subject and charity because we felt there is a lot of homelessness around Eastbourne and Hastings, therefore we would like to help them in a small way at their time of need.

We are hoping to work with this charity for our social action project in which we are planning to do a sponsored walk along Eastbourne seafront from Sovereign Harbour to Holywell and back. - This is approximately 9 miles give or take. We also are hoping to set up a GoFundMe page with the charity where the money raised will go directly to them.

Not only this but as a group we are going to create care packages for the homeless living in Eastbourne. These would include items like toiletries, everyday essentials, and long-life food. For this we would be very appreciative of any donations of items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitary products, mini torch, socks, underwear, vitamins, protein bars, biscuits, etc.

Unfortunately, we only have until Friday 23rd of July to complete our project which is a very short time frame given the amount we hope to achieve.

If you’re able to help in anyway shape or form I’d really appreciate hearing from you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Contact details: