Goose House Volunteers Sorted!

Very, very many thanks to Nick Holden, Chris and Susan O’Sullivan for offering to clean the new goose house.
Hopefully in the Spring we shall have a spanking new goose house and much happier geese.
Once again, many thanks to Nick, Chris and Susan.
Parish Clerk


Riverhall Level Crossing closed

08.52 on Tuesday 05.02.19 – just heard that a vehicle has driven through the barriers on the Riverhall Level crossing.  This is now closed and emergency support is on the way from Network Rail.
We will all have to take a detour until it is fixed.
Irene – Parish Clerk

Goose House Problems

As you probably know by now, Mountfield Parish Council are actively considering replacing the goose house.  However, this will not be possible unless we can get volunteers to offer to clean it on a regular basis (about once every 6 weeks).  If a new goose house is installed, it will be attached to a chain so it can be dragged to the side – no waders!
MPC will reimburse all costs for cleaning materials and straw.
Unless MPC can find volunteers, the only option will be to permanently re-home the geese as the present derelict goose house is not suitable.

Email sent today to ESCC about road closures/school bus

I believe I am right in assuming that East Sussex County Council is the ultimate responsible authority for granting road closures in East Sussex.

Mountfield Parish has suffered numerous road closures, mainly due to the Southern WaterNew Sewerage Scheme – for at least 2/3 years.

Presently we have the SW road closures, a BT road closure (not all affected residents appear to have been notified) – and these result in around 8-mile detours.

A more serious issue, apart from the inconvenience and lack of information, is the children being dropped off from the school bus.  This has happened before,with the children’s safety at grave risk, and we trusted the problem had been resolved and all relevant parties had been informed.  Below you will seean extract from an email received today from a Mountfield resident –

With the piecemeal road closures around Mountfield, and with no public notification, it has becomea guessing game as to which roads are going to be closed and when. At present,the corner of Hoath Hill and New Cut is restricted to less than half width; Iwonder if anyone in authority has told the contractors that this is part of aschool bus route?  

This afternoon, a double-deck bus laden with schoolchildren had got as far as the telephone boxbut could get no further; no one had told the driver that the road was going tobe restricted. As it happened, I arrived home at that time and was able to drive up to the A2100 to stop the traffic so that he could reverse the lengthof New Cut and back into the main road.

Safety of schoolchildren is regarded as paramount but it is very easy to put all the responsibility on the driver, whereas those in authority appear to do very little to facilitate safe working.  I wonder if anyone has suggestions as to how the driver should have dealt with the situation, had there not been someone on hand to assist him?

The above is a very serious issue regarding the safeguarding of children.  We find it difficult to understand why the bus company had not been informed of the road closure.

I am asking, as a matter of urgency, that ESCC Highways inform me by email of ALL road closures and all contractors are also informedand take appropriate action..  These will be published on our website.

Irene Marchant – ParishClerk/RFO

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Irene Marchant

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Mountfield Christmas Party

Mountfield Christmas Party

December 15 @ 20:00 – 23:30

The Mountfield Christmas Party is to be held on Saturday 15th December at 8.00pm.  We are looking for more budding performers to join us in making this a truly memorable family-friendly event, open to everyone living in Mountfield and surrounding areas.
Can you tell a joke, perform a trick or play an instrument?  If so, we would love to hear form you.  Don’t be shy!
Please call or text Martina on 07930 285951 for more details.
The party will be entertaining and fun!  Come and get into the spirit of Christmas.  We are asking for a nominal donation of £3.00 to coer the cost of refreshments.  The bar will be open and there will be dancing ’till late.
Please RSVP for tickets to Martina on 07930 285951 – once they’re gone, they[re gone!


ESCC Core Offer and survey

East Sussex County Council is beginning its public onversation on the ESCC Core Offer.  The Core Offer is an assessment of the services that ESCC thinnk are most needed by residents, businesses and communities and that they should be expected to provide in a diffcult financial climate, it will inform and direct their budget over the coming three years.
You can read more about the Core Offer here.
ESCC have launched a survey seeking views of those that live and work in the county, particularly whether they agree with the approach, whether the priorities and services in the Core Offer are right, and if there are ways they can work differently with partners and communities to do more to support each other.
You ae encouraged to complete the survey – click here for access to the survey.