All Saints Church, Mountfield

All Saints Church, Mountfield

The exciting news for the three parishes of Mountfield, Netherfield and Brightling is that a new Vicar is to be appointed to the Benefice for the next two years.
Fr Jeremy Sykes, the vicar of Hellingly and Upper Dicker, is to take over the responsibility for services and pastoral care of the parishes on 23rd May.
Fr Jeremy will be licenced by the Rt Rev William Hazlewood, Bishop of Lewes, with The Ven Dr Edward Dowler, Archdeacon of Hastings, in attendance.
Licencing Ceremony 
All Saints Church, Mountfield
Thursday 23rd May 2024, at 7.30pm
Please come along to welcome Fr Jeremy to our beautiful and special part of the Diocese.


Mountfield Parish Assembly 2024 – 09.04.24

Just a reminder – this year the Mountfield Parish Assembly 2024 will be held at Mountfield Heath School on 9th April 2024, starting at 7.30pm.
All are welcome, it is not a parish council meeting, but you will be able to ask questions of your County and District Councillors.
It is a friendly and informal occasion, light refreshments will be available and there is good parking.
We look forward to meeting you there.
* Welcome – Lindsey Jeffries (Headteacher Mountfield Heath School)
* Welcome – Richard Farhall (Chair Mountfield Parish Council)
* A chance to ask questions/raise concerns to your County and District Councillors)
* A tour of the school
* Mix and mingle, catch up with old friends and meet new ones

Mountfield Parish Assembly – 9th April 2024 at 7.30pm

This year the Mountfield Parish Assembly will be held at MOUNTFIELD HEATH SCHOOL. The Headmistress, Lindsey Jeffries, kindly offered to do this a few years ago, but COVID and lockdowns got in the way.

Richard Farhall and I visited the school last week and were more than impressed by education and care for the children and the dedication of the staff. This will the perfect opportunity for the Mountfield Community to re-visit the school, some of you may have had your primary education there, and see the invaluable work being done.

The Assembly is not a Parish Council Meeting, but there will be the opportunity to meet and ask questions of your County, District and Parish Council Members and the clubs and organisations in our Village. It is a time for Mountfield to get together, meet new friends and catch up with old ones.

It is an informal, friendly gathering, so please come along and join us, there will be wine, soft drinks, tea, coffee and nibbles – also plenty of parking.

We hope to see you all there on the 9th April at 7.30pm.

Click on this link for information about the School

All Saints Mountfield – Notice of Annual Parochial Church Meeting 16.04.24


Parish of All Saints Mountfield

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting will be held in All Saints Church Mountfield on Tuesday 16th April 2024 at 6pm.

For: Election of parochial representatives of the laity to the PCC.

For the appointment of the Independent Auditor.

Annual Reports on the proceedings of the parochial church council.

The financial statement of the council for the last financial year.

The annual report on the fabric of the church.


The Rubicol Musical Megafest – volunteer meeting 19.03.24

Mountfield News – March 2024

The Rubicol Musical Megafest – Volunteer meeting on 19th March at 7.00 pm

Mountfield Village Hall Committee are planning a big musical event to take place at the village hall on Saturday 8th June – see attached poster. This is a celebration of the lives of Ruby Willis and Colin Harmer, who made such a contribution to village life.

We plan to have a number of live bands playing lots of different styles of music throughout the day – hopefully something for everyone. There will also be a BBQ, bar, tea and cakes stall, children’s games, tombola, etc. Donations will be asked for, to go to support the village hall.

We need to get the help of the community to run the event, and would like to get volunteers together at a meeting at the village hall on Tuesday 19th March at 7.00 pm to address any questions and get people to sign up.

In particular, we need volunteers to help:

  • setting things up on the morning of the day
  • clearing up on the Sunday morning afterwards
  • help to run the BBQ, kitchen, children’s games, tombola
  • bake a cake for the stall
  • help with a leaflet drop around the village

If there are any other bands who would be interested in playing please get in contact.
We would also like to hear from a qualified first aider, and anyone willing to do children’s face painting.

Please just turn up on Tuesday 19th March at 7.00 pm to offer your services, or contact organiser Trish Jones on 01580 880431 or email

RDC Garden Waste Subscription from 15.07.24

Dear Clerk,

Garden waste collections

Increase in subscription from 15 July 2024

Further to the budget report dated 5 February 2024, it has been confirmed that the Garden Waste collections annual subscription charge will rise from 15 July 2024 to £81.00 per annum for the first container and £66.00 per annum for each subsequent container. It is appreciated this is a large increase, but this is an optional service, and at 22 pence per day, the service continues to offer good value for money. Our ability as a district council to generate income through additional council tax is limited. We must therefore find different ways to deliver and fund our services to try and meet the needs of residents. These increases come following years of funding cuts, soaring costs, and greater demand for services. Despite the use of the Council’s limited reserves we have still needed to identify almost £3 million of efficiency savings and additional income from investments and fees and charges to help balance our budget.

Our waste contract has increased by £1 million over the last 2 years and now costs us more than £6 million due to the significant inflationary pressures the country has been experiencing.

We are seeing similar challenges with the costs of homelessness and temporary accommodation which have tripled over the last 4 years from £0.6 million to £2 million. This is after taking account of government grant and the many initiatives the council has introduced to try and manage these costs.  The costs of these two service areas alone represent around 40% of the Council’s net revenue budget for the 2024/25 financial year.

There are further challenges to come with the introduction of mandatory food waste collections from 2026 and at this time it is not clear what the additional costs of operating this service will be and how it is to be funded. This will be a statutory function which the Council will have to deliver.

The garden waste service is a non-statutory, optional service provided to residents at their request. It is with regret that the Council has needed to make this increase, but it is felt that at a cost of 22 pence per day the service still represents good value for money.

Annual subscription renewal process

The annual subscription period runs from 15 July to the following 14 July and is not a pro-rata subscription. Customers can pay and sign up to the service at any time during the subscription period, but the full year’s subscription charge will be due unless a special one-off promotion is in place at the time.

The annual subscription renewal process starts in April each year when the service closes to new subscribers and existing customers are contacted to invite them to renew their service from 15 July. The subscriptions service will then reopen to allow customers to renew or new customers to join the service at the new rate from 15 July. (Existing subscribers continue to receive their service throughout the renewal process as normal until the 14 July).

We hope the above will assist you in responding to enquiries from residents.

Mark Deane,

Neighbourhood Services,

Rother District Council,

Town Hall,

Bexhill – on – Sea,

East Sussex  TN39 3JX.


Please note my working hours are 8.30am till 12.30pm Monday to Friday

Agenda for Mountfield Parish Council Meeting 12.03.24


Parish Council Members are summoned to a meeting of Mountfield Parish Council, to be held on 12th March 2024, at 7.30pm in Mountfield Village Hall.

Member of the press and public are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Irene Marchant (Parish Clerk/RFO)

St. Giles, Woods Corner, Dallington, East Sussex TN21 9LA

01424 838414/07711 224150

1. Disclosure of Interests

To receive any disclosures by Members of personal interests in matters on the agenda, the nature of any such interest and whether the Member regards the interest as a disclosable pecuniary interest under the terms of the Code of Conduct.

2. Dispensations

3. Apologies for absence

4. Accuracy of the minutes of the previous meeting(s)

5. Open Forum

5.1 County Council report (ESCC) – Councillor K. Field

5.2 District Council report (RDC) – Councillor E. Kirby-Green

5.3 Public Question Time – to receive any questions/concerns from members of the public on matters on this agenda.

6. Highways England/John’s Cross speed limits

Councillor Purdie to brief all on the current situation. (Councillor Purdie)

7. Mountfield Parish Assembly 2025

To consider the arrangements for the Parish Assembly 2024, which will be held in April.

8. Mountfield Village Hall Rest Centre/Resilience Plan

Councillor Whines to brief all on the work done so far. (Councillor Whines)

9. MPC change of domain name/email suffixes

The Clerk to brief all on the current situation. (Clerk)

10. Defibrillators

An exact location for the new defibrillator to serve the residents of Eatenden Lane is to be agreed, so the Clerk can contact British Gypsum for permission.

11. MPC Environmental Policy

To discuss and agree/any amendments to the latest draft. (Chair)

12. New Playground fencing

The quotation from Littlewoods Fencing has been accepted and work should start on Wednesday 05.03.24 (lasting 4/5 days). The Clerk will publicize this via the MPC website and the playground will be closed for the duration of the works. (Clerk)

13. Matters Outstanding

  • Welcome Packs
  • Telephone Box (Councillor Farhall)

14. Planning

14.1 Planning applications for consideration:

  • RR/2024/146/P – Serenity, London Road (A2100)

Amendments to permission RR/2020/2245/P comprising internal reconfiguration, minor external changes, relocation of dwelling and garage and amendment to the application site area.

Click on this link to see full details on the RDC planning website

  • RR/2024/198/P – A2100, land west of Mountfield TN32 5LX

Change of use of land for the installation of 4 glamping pods, footpaths, permeable grass-grid track, parking and turning area, secure bicycle storage, recycling/refuse storage, package treatment plant, landscape enhancements and associated works.

Click on this link to see full details on the RDC planning website

  • RR/2024/289/P – Vinehall School, Vinehall Road

Creation of an outdoor classroom to provide alternative learning accommodation.

Click on this link to see full details on the RDC planning website

14.2 Any other planning matters for discussion.

15. Enforcement

15.1 One Mountfield item on RDC’s latest enforcement list. Lodge Gate, land to the south.

Erection of structures and caravan on agricultural land, erection of barn for food storage and 2 small animal shelters. Application RR/2023/502/P on hold. RDC Enforcement to investigate further.

15.2 Any other enforcement matters for discussion.

16. Highways/Rights of Way

16.1The following issues have been reported to ESCC Highways.

  • Flooding on A2100, culvert has not been jetted and the road is still flooding
  • Footpath from Solomon’s Lane to John’s Cross roundabout is virtually unusable due to overgrown foliage (reported several times).
  • A broken drain with no protective cover on the A2100 (near the KGF entrance) and vehicles are crossing the road to avoid.
  • Rubbish is strewn all over the verges on the A2100 from the level crossing up to the John’s Cross roundabout. This is too dangerous for MPC/residents to clear.

16.2 Any other Highways/RoW matters for discussion.

17. Finance

17.1 Bank balances at 29.02.24

  • MPC deposit account – £26,708.08
  • MPC current account – £5,142.35
  • KGF current account – £4,262.77

17.2 To approve the following payments:

  • Clerk, salary/HO (Feb/Mar 2024) – £1,080.20
  • * Parish Online (Geoxphere) – £216.00
  • * ESALC training – £48.00
  • * Defibb Store – £258.00
  • * RDC election expenses – £139.97
  • * D. Thornton (resilience plan) – £150.00

* Already paid

18. Dates of next meetings

  • 09.04.24 – Mountfield Parish Assembly 2024
  • 14.05.24 – Full Council Meeting


Agenda for King George’s Field Meeting 12.03.24





6th March 2024

Irene Marchant (Secretary/Treasurer)

St. Giles, Woods Corner, Dallington, East Sussex TN21 9LA

01424 838414/07711224150

1. Apologies for absence

2. Minutes of the previous meeting

3. Annual fees for users

4. Review of the previous year and matters arising

41. To review of previous year.

4.2 Matters arising:

  • New rubbish bins are needed. Should these be collected by RDC? (to be discussed at the following MPC meeting).
  • General maintenance. Tom Tidmarsh is to obtain quotes for this. (to be discussed at the following MPC meeting).
  • Toilet emptying. Tom Tidmarsh to keep an eye on this.

5. Looking forward to 2024-25

  • The flagpole to be erected.
  • Fixtures, including Vinehall School.
  • Jubilee Cricket Match 2025.

6. A sincere thank you to all our users

7. Date of next meeting

  • March 2025