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Corona Virus update 1 (19.03.20)

Hello everyone, I hope you are staying well and listening to Government advice.  Please keep in touch with your neighbours and friends - phone, email, WhatsApp, Facebook etc.
I have had an offer from a very kind couple in Mountfield to help those in the Mountfield community who may need it.  Please contact me, by email or phone, and I'll put you in contact with them.
If you would like to help, doing a little shopping, collecting medication etc., please contact me - 01424 838414 -
Your details will not be published on line and deleted when the crisis is over.

I went to Tesco at Ravenside (Bexhill) today - a complete waste of time.  Empty shelves everywhere, no potatoes, fresh veg, eggs, milk, butter, frozen chips etc.
However, the Netherfield Stores and Post Office is its usual bright and friendly self, they have good stocks and very sensibly are limiting the amounts people can buy. Several kind locals have  offered to help them out with deliveries.  Click on the link below for details (they also make great coffee!)
Netherfield Stores and Post Office

Irene (Parish Clerk) - 01424 838414, email -






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