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Council Tax Rebate Scheme

Please see below details of the Council Tax Rebate Scheme, these have been sent by our District Councillor - Eleanor Kirby-Green.

The 20,000 households in bands A-D who pay their Council Tax by Direct Debit will receive the £150 into their bank account in around 2 weeks.  This follows the April Council Tax payment which verifies the bank details used to pay the April instalment as current and genuine.

The 9,000 households in bands A-D who pay their Council Tax by other means will be contacted to encourage them to give their bank details so we can pay direct.  Otherwise a post office payment scheme may be available, or at last resort, a credit onto their Council Tax bill.  This credit is not desirable as the scheme is meant to be a cash back scheme.

The 15,000 households in bands E-H who do not automatically qualify, will be able to apply for a discretionary scheme, if they reach certain criteria.  A cross-authority scheme is being agreed across East Sussex and will be subject of a Cabinet report in June.  There will be enough money in this scheme to support about 1,900 further households with £150. 

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