Coronavirus update 10 (09.05.20)

So here we are again and with all the anticipated changes shortly to be announced, this maybe my last post on this subject.  I am going to list below the usual information and help available, they are worth checking as things are changing very quickly.

Safe sites for coronavirus information

Click on this link to go the NHS coronavirus website

Click on this link to go to the GOV.UK website for coronavirus information and advice

Community Hubs

There is some good and safe information and advice on the links below.

Click on this link for help and advice from East Sussex County Council

Click on this link for help and advice from Rother District Council

Be aware of scammers

There is lots of good advice on the link below.  Although it is targeted at the elderly (I’m one of them) – it applies to us all.  At every opportunity scammers will come out from under their slimy rocks.

Click on this link for advice on avoiding scams


Click on the link below to see information about major supermarkets opening times/restrictions etc.

Click on this link for supermarket information

Click on the link below for food shops in Rother operating during the emergency.

Food shops operating in Rother during this emergency

Boots, Robertsbridge – for prescriptions please contact David Todd from Robertsbridge and Salehurst Helping Hands at
or on 07726 592 739 and he will organise delivery of your prescription.

Local shops – best to ring first to check opening hours and delivery options.
It was great to see the front page of The Messenger with the lovely photo of all at the Netherfield Stores and Post Office – glad to see Dudley and Kenneth front and centre.  I know from personal experience that they have been amazing during this lockdown.
Some additions to local shops from the list previous posted

  1. Bee and Bear Baker – home delivery of brownies, muffins etc.
  2. Browns Farm Shop, only delivery/collection, not open for browsing or phone on 01580 880502/07535 267002
  3. Busters Farm Shop, deliveries meat/veg/diary/bread on Tuesday to Saturday 9-6, on Sundays 10-2.  Phone on j01580 882020
  4. Culverwells, local country store and delivery available for Calor Gas.  Pay over the phone and collect from gate.
  5. Great Park Farm, Catsfield, deliveries £3.50, veg box £15.00 and all other farm shop produce. or phone on 01424 772531
  6. One Stop, call about the shopping you need and who will be collecting it for you.  They will get it ready for your nominated person to pay for and collect.  Only contactless payments (no cash) – phone on 01580 883319.
  7. Robertsbridge Village Store and Post Office, open Mon-Fri 9-5, the shop is open for delivery/collection Mon-Sat 8.30-6pm.  Telephone to place your order on 01580 880540 or 880714.

Thank You

The list of those working to make our lives as normal and stress free as possible is far too long to mention individually, but thanks to all of you.  I would like, once again, to mention the Mountfield Volunteers who have stepped up to collect and delivery shopping and prescriptions for those shielding in Mountfield.  Every time I have contacted a volunteer for help they have been available.  Thank you all once again.

Parish Council business

MPC will be holding an Extraordinary Council Meeting on 23.06.20 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm  This meeting is just to approve and sign off the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) for 2019-20.  The public, as always, are welcome – but there will be no discussion on any other matters except the above.  If you have any questions/concerns about anything else you wish the Parish Council to get involved with, please contact me at or phone on 01424 838414.
If things continue to go well, MPC hope to have a full council meeting on 14.07.20, but we will have to wait and see what happens with lockdown/social distancing.  All information, as usual, will be posted on this website.
As you probably know, MPC have bought the red phone box in New Cut for the astronomical price of £1!  This is a K6 historic box dating from the 1930s and the only condition was that it stays on the public highway.  MPC have discussed a few ideas, using the box for several things together – another defibrillator, an information centre, book swap etc., and it will be on the agenda for our next full council meeting.  I don’t have a vote on this, but thought I would wind them up and suggested something on the following lines

Fish in a Phone Box
I think it’s a great idea, also love the “Quacken.”

MPC didn’t exactly buy into my idea, their responses varied from “get a grip Irene,” to “better have another G&T.”

The Adventures of Alfie

He’s enjoying his walks in Darwell and the Millennium Green, but misses his “days out.”  He’s a sociable little chap and likes nothing better than a stroll down the prom, where he’s much admired and petted.  His favourites are Eastbourne and the beautiful West Promenade at Bexhill, which is great fun when they have the fountains working and they are full of kids and dogs running in and out of the sprays and all having the time of their lives.  He also loves the Galley Hill beach (particularly the great cafe, which is very dog friendly).  Very occasionally when we go there he is allowed one of the very best treats of his life – a McDonald’s!  He knows it’s treat time if we walk into the McDonald’s patio and starts quivering with excitement.  I order him a patty (no bun) and go out to wait with Freddie and Alfie on the patio.  Each time a server comes out with a tray, he get up on his hind legs and starts barking – “where’s mine?”  When it finally arrives, he’s so excited that he’s turning somersaults and barking frantically.  I cut it up and make sure it’s not too hot, put in down and it disappears in seconds!  All that anticipation and gone in a flash.  All of us are looking forward to getting out “properly” again and enjoying the lovely towns and villages of East Sussex.

Alfie having a drink in Darwell May 2020
Our intrepid explorer just after having a drink in Darwell – May 2020

We moved to Dallington in 1988 and every morning I open my kitchen door, whatever the weather, look out and think how beautiful it is – never more so than during this lockdown.  I’ve travelled most of the UK, except Northern Ireland, and will take any Yorkshire man/woman on, that the High Weald AONB is the most beautiful part of the UK.  Tolkien based his idyllic Shire on his boyhood memories of rural Warwickshire, but he might have changed his mind if he had visited this part of East Sussex.  During this lockdown we have had access to glorious woodlands, rural lanes and beautiful countryside.  I feel very privileged to live here.

So signing off now and hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) that this awful virus is now on the wane and we can get gradually back to normality.

Irene (parish clerk)

PS – Alfie sends his love xxx

Alfie xxx

MPC Extraordinary Council meeting – 23.06.20

Mountfield Parish Council will be holding an Extraordinary Council meeting on 23.06.20 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.
The purpose of this meeting is to approve and sign-off the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) 2019-20.
The public are welcome, as always – but due to the current situation only questions on items on the agenda will be permitted during the Open Forum section.
Strict social distancing and hygiene rules will be in force.
Click on the link below to see the agenda.


ESCC Highways – Roadworks A2100 Mountfield

At last, I have formal confirmation from ESCC Highways about the impending roadworks – A2100 London Road, Mountfield.
Section 1 – 29.06.20 for 4 weeks, from level crossing heading north to John’s Cross roundabout.
Section 2 – 11.07.20 for one night, as shown on map in red (see link below), across junction with gypsum mine access road.
Due to the nature of the works, the road will be closed to through traffic 24 hours a day.  Access to residents and recycling site will be maintained, but you may have to take the diversion route which will be signed on site.
Click on the link below for map and diversion details.


New planning application for Mountfield

Mountfield has a new planning application.
RR/2020/460/P 16 Eatenden Lane, land at – demolition of existing barn and replace with new and erection of machinery store (part retrospective).
Click on the link below to see full details on the RDC planning website

Please note that MPC will not be holding a meeting, due to the coronavirus restrictions, to consider this application.  If you wish to comment, please go directly to the RDC planning website using the link above.

New planning application for Mountfield

Mountfield has a new planning application
RR/2020/455/O The Wood Yard, Church Road – existing lawful B1, B2 and B8 uses as shown on the existing site plan.
Deadline for responses to RDC is 09.06.20.
Click on the link below to see full details on the RDC planning website.

Please note that there will not be a council/planning meeting to consider this application, which will be done on delegated authority.  If you wish to comment, please go directly to the link above.


A beautiful painting of All Saints Church

This is a beautiful painting of All Saints Church by Barbara Valentine – particularly poignant in this 900th anniversary year.  So many events have had to be postponed until next year, but this will give us all some much needed hope for better times.

All Saints Church, Mountfield by Barbara Valentine
All Saints Church, Mountfield painted by Barbara Valentine

Help with home schooling

Cora Courtney Bennett is a year 11 student at Claverham and is offering to help out with home schooling.

Hello, my name is Cora and I’m a Year 11 student at Claverham.  At school I used to volunteer in a peer reading scheme helping pupils struggling with their literacy skills, and I also helped others with Maths work.   I know that, in the current situation, home schooling is very difficult for many parents and children, I would love to offer my time to assist any students with their work, over zoom calls.  If you are interested and want to find out more, please initially contact my mum via her email:

Irene (Parish Clerk)