MPC Planning Meetings

From October 2018, Mountfield Parish Council have booked the months of February, April, June, August, October and December to hold a meeting to consider planning applications for responses that fall outside the scheduled, bi-monthly full council meetings.  These planning meetings will only be held if a response deadline falls outside of the normal full council meeting dates.
The planning meetings will be attended by all Members and will have a shorter agenda.  The only items, apart from legal procedural items, e.g. Disclosure of interests etc., will be any planning applications.
There will be an open forum as usual, for members of the public to ask questions and state any concerns on matters on the agenda.
Agenda and minutes will be published as usual on this website.  Notice of agendas will be posted to those subscribed to email alerts.
The dates for these provisional meetings until the end of the current council year are – 09.10.18 – 11.12.18 and 12.02.18, they will start at usual at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.
Dates for full council meetings and provisional dates for planning meetings for the council year 2019-20 will be published shortly on this website.



Peter Miles – Resignation

Dear All

I had hoped that, when the time came, I would be able to plan and time this rather better but events have been coming too thick and fast.

I am resigning my seat on Mountfield Parish Council as from the Annual Council Meeting on May 8th 2018. I do not think this is the optimum time to resign but there is no choice.

My decision has been made easier, or at least simpler, by two things. The first is that there are personal circumstances that cannot be avoided. The second is that there other organisations that can make up any interim shortfall. DACS is well resourced to fight any major planning battles. And, on the biggest battle of all, Southern Water’s determination to renege on their responsibility to build a waste water treatment plant, the newly formed Mountfield Residents Group has what it takes to do the best for Mountfield.

I shall continue to keep an eye on local planning matters as part of my DACS role and if I can ever help, I will always try to do so.

I am encouraged in my decision by the conviction that Mountfield Parish Council is ripe for renewal. I hope my resignation will be the first step in that renewal. We certainly need new blood on the Council so I urge everyone to actively promote the idea of standing to anyone they think suitable.

With my best wishes and my enduring commitment to Mountfield’s cause,


Peter Miles

Rock Cottage, Mountfield

01580 880 614