Scam Alert from the In the Know website

There is a new scam alert from the In the Know website – elderly people have been contacted by a scam caller calling himself Alex Robertson.
The In the Know website is an excellent system and well worth signing up to.

Click on the link below to see details of this particular scam, it is under Surrey and Sussex Fraud Newsletter.

Irene – Parish Clerk

Mountfield’s third Defibrillator!

Mountfield Parish Council have just installed our third defibrillator.  It is on the outside wall of the Mountfield Heath School at John’s Cross.
Our other two defibrillators are situated on the left-hand side of the Village Hall as you face the front door and on the junction at Solomon’s Land and Hoath Hill.

Click on the link below for more details
Mountfield’s Defibrillators


The Battle Ramblers

Many of you will have met the Battle Ramblers, who are doing such fine work on the Mountfield footpaths, at our recent Parish Assembly.
Click here to see their programme of walks April-June 2019.

Inspiring guided walks across the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and explore an outstanding medieval landscape.
Click here for more details.

Election of Parish Councillors for Mountfield

As previously posted, Mountfield will have an uncontested election for parish councillors on 02.05.19.

There are 7 candidate places available and 7 candidates applied for nomination.  These are Mark Hardy, Caroline Hollamby, Jim Ray, Steve Rickman-Smith, John Snuggs, Sandra Taylor and Neil Whines.

Susan O’Sullivan has stepped down, we are very sorry to lose her – but she has upskilled and been promoted to Project Manager for the Goose House installation.  We welcome Neil Whines as a new Mountfield Parish Councillor, Neil has been very active in the Parish, he is the Treasurer for the Village Hall Committee and a member of the Mountfield Residents Group.

Click here to see the official notice from the Rother Returning Officer.
Irene – Parish Clerk


Mountfield Parish Assembly

It was a great evening and I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I was limited to just one sip of Pinot as I was driving.  It was so nice to meet up with old friends and make new ones.

Kathryn Field (County Councillor) and Eleanor Kirby-Green (District Councillor), who always attend our Parish Council meetings, were there to chat and answer questions.

The Battle First Responders gave us a defibrillator demonstration (Mountfield’s third defibrillator is just about to go up on the outside wall of the Mountfield Heath School at John’s Cross.

The Battle Ramblers were there, who are doing such sterling work on the Mountfield footpaths and I will be posting a list of all their walks on the website shortly.

Barbara Valentine had a wonderful display of Mountfield Community Arts work – really talented stuff and so good to see.

Inspector Jonathan Hartley (Jonnie to his friends) gave us a short talk and answered questions, but we didn’t give him too hard a time.

Mountfield Heath School were also there and told us all about the school and the work they do, very impressive.

Gemma was there as the representative of the Little Ducklings (baby group) which is now up and running with sessions in the Village Hall.

Peter Miles (with his Messenger Group hat on) was there.  The new Messenger format is excellent and along with this website is becoming the “Parish Pump” for information and communication.  This is vital as Mountfield does not have a shop or pub.

We are looking forward to the Parish Assembly 2020 – this time we will advertise better.
All the reports will be available shortly on the website (look at the MPC Meetings 2019-20 page).  I have had yet another printer breakdown and can’t scan now.  Amazon have just emailed to say my new printer is arriving today!
Irene – Parish Clerk



Return Result of Uncontested Election – Mountfield Parish

Click on the link below to see the Return Result of the uncontested election for Mountfield Parish Councillors.
Return Result of Uncontested Election – Mountfield Parish

Click here to see all election nominees for both District and Parishes and whether the election is contested or uncontested.