Planning Application RR/2019/1682/P – Edlins Farm

Planning application just in on RDC’s weekly planning list.
Edlins Farm, Mountfield Lane – (outline) to demolish Edlins Farm House and adjacent barn.  Build a house on the existing foundations of the present residential part of the barn.
Click on the link below to see the application details on RDC’s planning website.

MPC have been given the deadline date for responses to RDC as 20.08.19 (this application will be discussed at the MPC planning meeting on 13.08.19) – the deadline date for responses may be different by a few days on the pink notice outside the location.

New planning application – Ittingham Manor Farm

This has arrived late, as it was incorrectly input by RDC on their weekly planning register.
Ittingham Manor Farm – proposed link and conversion of stable outbuilding to form utility and boot room.
Click on the links below to see the applications on the RDC planning website.

Click here to see RR/2019/1582/P

Click here to see RR/2019/1583/L (listed building consent)

The response deadline given to MPC is 02.08.19 – the date on the pink notice may differ by a couple of days (the pink notice date is the definitive one).  MPC have asked for an extension to respond so the application may be discussed at our planning meeting on 13.08.19.

Planning Application – Southern Water New Sewerage Scheme

Click on the link below to see full details of Southern Water’s planning application to ESCC on the ESCC planning website.
Land to the south of New Cut and land to the south of Solomon’s Lane – proposed variation of Conditions 2 (approved drawings) and 3 (landscaping) of planning permission RR/728/CM.
Click here for full details for ESCC application RR/825/CM

New Planning Application – Acorn Farm RR/2019/704/P

This has just come in on the RDC planning list today and will be discussed by MPC at a planning meeting just before the Parish Assembly on 09.04.19 at 7pm in the Village Hall.  The agenda for this meeting will be published on the Wednesday before the meeting.
Click here to see full details of the application on the RDC planning website