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Click on the link below to see the agenda for the Mountfield Parish Council Extraordinary Council Meeting, to be held on 07.03.17 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

Agenda for MPC Extraordinary Meeting 07.03.17

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT = this is very much late breaking news.  There will be an Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting  on Tuesday March 7th, at 7.30, in Mountfield Village Hall. As with previous EPCMs, the meeting will have a single subject.

A few years ago, in response to serious sewage contamination issues, Rother District Council invoked an Act of Parliament and appointed Southern Water to negotiate, design and implement a sewerage system (the pipes), with ancillary pumping and access arrangements as required, and to link that sewerage to a waste water treatment plant (WWTP) consisting of a large collection tank and an associated treatment plant which would produce clean water into the River Line and approximately one tanker of  post-treatment sludge per fortnight. They are now seeking a variation so that they only construct the sewerage, ancillary features, and the collection tank but, for an interim period, not the treatment plant. During that interim period, the collection tank would act as a giant village cess pit which would require emptying of pure sewage by tankers much more frequently.

Southern Water say they need this interim period as they cannot know at the outset what the throughput — i.e. the number of connections to the system — will be and the system requires a minimum throughput to provide a necessary degree of pressure and to guarantee a continuity of bacterial activity in the treatment plant.


At the EPCM, Southern Water will be invited to present their proposed planning application. This presentation will be followed by an opportunity for questions and answers, discussion, comment, etc. Finally the public part of the session will end. Thereafter, only councillors and Clerk will be allowed to speak while the Parish Council formulates its initial response to the imminent planning application.


Both our District Councillor, Eleanor Kirby Green, and our County Councillor, Kathryn Field have been invited.